Cincinnati Woodworks, Inc.

Chip Kussmal


I come from a family background that is strong in both artists and engineers. This has suited me ideally as I've pursued my woodworking career over the past thirty years. In that time my business has restored and replaced wood in virtually every kind of car from every time period. (My first wood replacement was on my own 1926 REO coupe, which I did 40 years ago.) About 25 years ago I did my first woodie, and I haven't stopped!

Also, my business contracted to do architectural woodwork, mostly commercial. This was mostly "pay the bills" type work, but some was very challenging and rewarding. I have also designed and built furniture, but you can't do everything, so I have never previously pursued this strongly.

About two years ago I decided to close my operation and slow down. The commercial work was just too much trouble, and I didn't feel that I could sustain the business without it. Where there's a will, there's a way! While I am still slowing down, I am able to maintain the shop and primarily do woodie wood replacement. I take on the occasional architectural jobs, and I'm beginning to find time for furniture.

“Anything worth doing…”

10/23/12 PLEASE NOTE…I will be closing the shop at Cincinnati Woodworks in the summer of 2013. I am retiring and will limit my woodworking efforts to what I can get done in my basement. While this might include some minor woodie work, I want to pursue wood carving and other interests that I have put on hold for many years.

I am not taking any new orders. I’ll be working until summer to complete existing orders. There is some possibility that my helper, Steve, will continue with making parts. Please stay tuned.

Please see “Items For Sale” for various items for sale, including an assortment of original woodie parts. There is one ’42-’48 new wood kit still available, and T&C new wood. I would like these all to be sold by summer, so I’m motivated.